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Frequently Asked Questions

In the following sections, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions sent by our pre-alpha testers.

When will it be available?

The Complete retail version of Alan Sharp will be available in winter 2021 worldwide.

On which platforms will the game be available?
Alan Sharp will officially be available on Desktop platforms(Windows,Linux and Mac)
Will there be a playable demo?

Yes, there will be a playable demo. However, our demo represents a part of the Chapter 0: prequel story to the original storyline.
It will be available on Steam Summer Festival which is running from 09/06/2020 – 14/06/2020.

In which perspective is the game played in?
Alan Sharp is played in First Person perspective.
What are the differences between the Demo and the final release?

Having the final release will grant you the full experience of what Alan Sharp has to offer, including:
– Overall polishing and redesign with new visuals, puzzles, collectibles, NPCs and a much bigger open-world environment, including free, interesting activities non-related to the main story of the game.
– Achievements
– More voiceovers and progression of the story
– Improved gameplay mechanics and performance optimizations

– More horror and danger! 🙂

Are there any plans to bring Alan Sharp to mobile, VR or any other platforms?
There aren’t any plans at the moment, however, we are much enthusiastic and willing to make our game available to other platforms, including VR, sometime after the release.
What's your policy on filming and monetizing Let's play videos, streaming, etc.?
Enjoy, solve and feel free to share Alan Sharp with all of the world without restrictions. We are 100% on board with all of it!
I'm having technical difficulties. Who do I contact for support?
Feel free to send an e-mail through our official website contact form at anytime if you’re experiencing bugs or running into crashes and our team would gladly assist you as soon as humanly possible.
Where can I purchase Alan Sharp for Windows, Mac and/or Linux?
The full release of Alan Sharp will be available through Steam on all desktop platforms.
If I purchase the game on one supported desktop platform, will I have access to all supported desktop platforms?
Of course, purchasing Alan Sharp will grant you access to the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the game.
What languages are supported on desktop platforms?
Alan Sharp on desktops supports English text and audio, with possibility for multiple languages in near future.
What are the system requirements to play Alan Sharp?
Can you reveal some of the features or gameplay experience?
Definitely. Like we mentioned before, Alan Sharp will be an open-world where a player will be able to roam the streets of Beggers Hole, a forest, shore, and countryside. The folk of Beggers Hole will have a random daily routine which will change as the day turns to night and vice-versa. You will be able to interact with most of them, so listen to their conversations carefully, they might reveal the next clue. Being a mystery game, there will be a lot of puzzles that need to be solved to reveal what truly happened.
Also, one of our most promising features is the survival aspect of our game. You might be chased down and killed by an entity you know nothing about when you least expect it.
Where can i report a problem or Bug in the game?
If you are unable to find solution in the Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us