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Alan Sharp is a First-Person mystery horror story-driven video game, focused on exploration, survival, puzzles and open-world investigation.

You play as Alan Sharp, a private detective in the 1970s, retired and shattered due to the murder of a beloved one. A single call by an old friend takes Alan back on his track, leading you to a small town where a boy was butchered.

The parents are missing, strange rumors spread among the folk talking of madness that consumed the father. Furthermore, others foretell of peculiar events and occurrences in the Regans’ home. 


  • Challenging Puzzles – Uncover the mystery case of a sinister evil by deciphering challenging puzzles that will test your logic, intelligence, and detective skills, keeping you on the edge of your seat
  • Engage in Dialogue – Finding clues in objects is not enough for your investigation? Engage in conversation with the town’s folk. Doubt everyone, trust no one! Even your own senses!
  • Search & Acquire – Look for hidden clues in almost every object of the game. Be careful! The amount of usable objects you can possess is limited. Use your briefcase to store items for later use
  • Journal – Memorize your progress by writing in your personal journal. It may be of great help during your search for the truth
  • Wander the streets of Beggers Hole, stroll in a dark, vast forest and feel the chilling air of the beach
  • Psychological Horror – A sinister presence looms over you every step of the way
  • Survive – Look for a place to hide when a horrible danger tracks your steps


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About Mystive Studios

Mystive Studios is an indie, game development studio, proudly standing behind Alan Sharp. We strive to bring you immersive, story-driven games with a heavy focus on exploration, mystery and psychological horror.

           It all began in 2016 with two passionate gamers (Boban Mojsovski & Vlatko Dojchinoski). They took on a project to create something unique and different than anything you’ve seen before. Their goal: a challenging and interesting game for the lovers of mystery, adventure, and horror games.

       Although we knew the obstacles of working on such a massive project, dedication, passion, and motivation were the leading factors. The making of Alan Sharp inspired us to study, research and delve into the world of game development. It opened for us new frontiers and knowledge required for the creation process of a video game.

              Boban took the role of a 3d modeler and animator. Vlatko filled the role of a lead programmer, environment designer, and lighting artist. After a year of continuous work, we realized that more people are needed if we are to complete our game.

             In  2018, another member decided to join our team – Zanko Mojsovski. He became the web developer who designed our website and became our PR and Marketing Manager.