About Us

The Team Behind Alan Sharp

Mystive Studios is an indie game development studio, proudly standing behind Alan Sharp. We strive to bring you immersive, story-driven games with a heavy focus on exploration, mystery and psychological horror.

Alan Sharp has been in the works since 2015, developed by two developers. It is made with 0$ external funding, completely financed by the team behind it. Passion, motivation and dedication are the fuel pushing us all these years, as well as the love for game development.

Bobby Mojsovski

3D Generalist, Level & Environment Artist


Vlatko Dojchinoski

Programmer & Lighting Artist


Zanko Mojsovski

Web Developer & PR Manager

We took on a project to create something unique and different than anything you’ve seen before. The main goal: a challenging and interesting game for the lovers of mystery, adventure, and horror games.

Although, we knew the obstacles of working on such a massive project, dedication, passion, and motivation were the leading factors. The making of Alan Sharp inspired us to study, research and delve into the world of game development. It opened for us new frontiers and knowledge required for the creation process of a video game.

Bobby took the role of a 3D Generalist, Level & Environment Artist. Vlatko has the role of a lead programmer and lighting artist. After a year of continuous work, we realized that more people are needed if we are to complete Alan Sharp.

In 2018, another member decided to join our team – Zhanko Mojsovski. He built the website for the game and became the Public Relations Manager.


Huge thanks to the people who participated in the creation of Alan Sharp, including:

  • Maya Mileska –
    Web Design, Laurel Regan’s voice & Spanish translation
  • Martin Mileski
    Main Soundtrack
  • Kyle Geary
    Sam Whithers’s voice
  • Verche Arsovska
    Adalyn Garner’s voice
  • Martin Mitev
    Rick Decklan’s voice
  • Viktor Vasilevski –
    James Regan’s voice
  • Eli Bogoevska –
    Jane Whithers’s voice
  • Eli Dojchinoska –
    Megan Sharp’s voice
  • Apostolis Karajanis –
    Greek translation
  • Kliment Naumoski –
    German translation